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How to get to Choroní?

Your journey starts in Maracay. Passing by 'Las Delicias' Avenue, you will arrive to 'Las Cocuizas Park', continue towards the Henri Pittier National Park

Going to Choroní is very easy, here we will explain you step by step.

What kind of documents do I need to travel to Venezuela from Europe?

If you live in Europe and your next destination is Venezuela, you have to check that all your documents are in order and prepare for this new experience!

Here you can find all the documents that you need to travel to Venezuela

Puerto Colombia

Puerto Colombia is the HEART of Choroni main tourist activities . There you can find nice hotels, inns (pasadas), restaurants, bars, groceries stores, liquor stores, shops and more.


Chuao, one of the most beautiful villages in Venezuela and most world renowned thanks to the Cocoa beans produced there. This particular village it is reached by the sea taking a boat from Puerto Colombia, by land the access is really complicated and long.

Get ready to enjoy this new adventure!


Tuja Cove is a quiet beach surrounded by green mountains. This place is ideal to go for practicing snorkeling, driving and other water sports like Stand up Paddle. On the beach you can enjoy nature, the bright sunshine, pristine waters and a calm surf.

This is the perfect place for your holidays!